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Our Story


Chartered in 1909,

the Country Club of Columbus has been a beacon of light above Cherokee Avenue for over 100 years. With more history than one can recall, CCC has been a staple in the Columbus community and has created a home for thousands through the years. Its shining parties, exemplary athletic facilities, and vibrant members have sculpted the Club into what it is today. It is easy to recognize the names on the walls and trace the lineage to our current CCC members. Many have grown up at the Club, ventured off to begin careers, but still end up back at our Club. We have that sort of draw to entertain and serve people for life.
If you are looking for a place to feel welcome and relaxed, the Country Club of Columbus could not be more perfect for you. A picturesque view, inviting team, and warm membership will put you at ease as soon as you make the climb up to the Club from Cherokee Avenue. We look forward to serving you soon.